Problems and delays continue at The Port of Felixstowe

There continues to be problems and delays at The Port of Felixstowe

Hauliers sitting on quay for up to eight hours waiting for their containers to be loaded and vessels diverting to either London Gateway or Southampton are just some of the many issues currently at the Port of Felixstowe.

We have also seen vessels arrive in Felixstowe and start their discharge but due to the current system issues, not all containers due to Felixstowe were removed and the vessels have to ‘cut and run’ to keep on schedule with other European ports. Those containers will be making their way back to Felixstowe on small feeder vessels in 7-10 days.

Mel Pipe, Commercial Director at EUF said “The situation at the port has certainly caused some headaches over the last two weeks, and our staff have been working hard to keep all customers informed”.

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